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    Server where only Cadets/Probies, Approved Instructors, Approved Dispatchers and Civ’s are permitted. Cadets/Probies must have; Passed out of the Ride Along Program Have no disciplinary action in the last 30 days Be in good standing with the DOJ Be in good standing with their respective Chain of Command Must be well mannered in Patrol Must know and comply with all rules and regulations of the DOJ & Department Must understand that this in an environment to learn, so take advice and coaching on board from team leaders and COC. PLEASE, submit your comment of interest below to be considered. This is an INVITE ONLY, do not join unless you have been approved to do so after registering your interest. Break City up into 3 areas of patrol (Metro, Vinwood, Del Perro) 12 Cadets/Probies Total (3 Teams of 4 Cadets/Probies) Teams have 2 Leaders + 4 Cadets/Probies, 6 Team Leaders Total (3 oversee, 3 for 10-71s) Cadets/Probies will have 1 Vehicle each 1 Team Leader per team has a Vehicle responding as 10-71 1 Team leader per team is overseeing/spectating 12 Civilians Total + 1 team lead overseeing/spectating 4 civs in each District of the city Must be Rank of Civilian1+ Civ’s can Switch out if required. But must liaise with team lead Civs must co-ordinate with one another, no priorities rolling into new priorities. Must still adhere to a Priority timer of 5 Minutes 4 Dispatchers (2 experienced, 2 competent) Comms lead will rotate the dispatchers as required. 32 people in game TOTAL CADETS/PROBIES: You must be able to stay for the duration of the event NO SUB DIVISIONS Team leads must meet a day prior to event to ensure they are all aligned. Team leads must also meet 1 hour before event to prepare. All attendees must meet 15 minutes before for briefing of event in Server (TBD) with any questions prepared prior to the start of this event. Team/Area 1 : Metro Area (Leaders: Cam M. & Michael M.) Team/Area 2 : Del Perro District (Leaders: Marcus O. & Jake C.) Team/Area 3 : Vinewood District (Leaders: Conrad H. & Ricky M.) Civ Lead : Zac G. Civ-5 Comms Lead : Sam B. C-207 This calendar automatically adjusts the start time to correlate with your current timezone settings (MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT RUNNING A VPN).

Important Information