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  1. Why was I denied from the fire department?

  2. Drug checks on persons on Grove Street (911 Call)

    © By Felix B. 2L-204

  3. All Call to a huge scene on Grapeseed Main St. with exploded truck.

    © By Felix B. 2L-204

  4. An Officer was knocked out by two suspects from the back.

    © By Felix B. 2L-204

  5. 2011 Ford Police Crown Victoria Unmarked!

    © By Felix B. 2L-204

  6. Got that POST Victimology Class done and passed! Now just missing that SCMSP to get POST I!

  7. This new website looks great! Just trying to find a profile picture that's smaller than 0.05 MB 😄

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    2. Felix B. 2L-122

      Felix B. 2L-122

      I already have my own badge, but it's to big either 😂

    3. Ivan G. 2L-477

      Ivan G. 2L-477

      Try compressing it.

    4. Felix B. 2L-122

      Felix B. 2L-122

      Yeah, might be an option for the future, but I found one now. Thank you tho for your suggestion!