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  1. My discord server, if anyone wants to join: https://discord.gg/apBajJm

  2. Hey Felix, I was wondering if I would be able to attend the LEO training tomorrow if possible? I understand if it's not doable but it's worth asking.

    1. Skyler D. 3C-400

      Skyler D. 3C-400

      Nevermind, please disregard this comment ^

  3. Attending
  4. To all my kind followers on this profile lol I am working on a project (yet unofficial/unapproved) and I'm looking for more people to get on board 🙂


  5. until

    I am attending as LEO, rsvped a week ago or so, what server are we using?
  6. Why was I denied from the fire department?

  7. Drug checks on persons on Grove Street (911 Call)

    © By Felix B. 2L-204

  8. All Call to a huge scene on Grapeseed Main St. with exploded truck.

    © By Felix B. 2L-204

  9. An Officer was knocked out by two suspects from the back.

    © By Felix B. 2L-204


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