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  1. Hey, By Any Chance do you know how to Join DOJ RP and where. Cause I keep looking but cannot find it. Plus your on right now so I am asking you if you know.

    1. Adam S. 5D-105 | C-739

      Adam S. 5D-105 | C-739

      Applications are open from the 1st-7th of every month, please wait for them to open and check the open applications section of the website

  2. how do I start  playing when I logged in

  3. hi

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    2. iisherifflaw65


      Do you know how to send messages the website says i can send ZERO messages a day?! if you do can you help me

    3. Adam S. 5D-105 | C-739

      Adam S. 5D-105 | C-739

      I have no idea. It may have to do with the fact youre just an applicant and not assigned a department yet


    4. iisherifflaw65


      Oh, ok well i just finished my application for the dispatcher so hopfuly that helps

  4. Attending as LEO (SAHP)

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