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  1. This view is one of the reasons why I love the County.
  2. Hey Emily

    On your Training..... Witch time is Converted time (EST)   2:30  or 6:30 either time would be great for me.

  3. Hey Emily, I need the teamspeak information for the recruitment channel, I have a training at 2 and I factory reset my computer last night if you can Email or message me.

    1. Emily T. 5D-186 | F-768

      Emily T. 5D-186 | F-768

      Hey Logan what you need to do is reconnect to the Interview Server and get verified by a FTO Lead.

    2. Logan M. Civ-680

      Logan M. Civ-680

      I got in, just waiting now.

  4. until

    Im available for either LEO or Fire
  5. until

    I'll come as Fire

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