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  2. Hello Blog, I am currently writing this update just after coming home from Patrol.

    Today I had an encounter with a sports bike who was speeding down Route 68. I caught back up with him and proceeded to pull him over. This was the right choice. After he pulled in to a parking lot next to the corner store on Route 68 I called it in to dispatch. Dispatch was not in channel. Alright. Johnson had to make a call and manage the CAD without assistence from the controller. I called it in to my fellow officers on the radio, and after giving them the description of the vehichle, Description of the 1x civilian on the motorcycle and the location of our 10-11, I moved in. I walked up to the driver and asked him if he knew why I pulled him over. He did not. *Dramatic pause* "Sir I pulled you over for speeding, you see you were speeding more than 20mph over the limit when you passed me back there." The driver looked at me with his face. "Well what do you expect with a bike like this?" he said. I replied with a "It sure is a nice bike." He smiled. I had shown appreciation for the beautiful motorcycle he had the pleasure of owning. Being a motorcycle rider myself I could truly appreciate the magnificent bike he was driving. I asked for his documents and without hesitation the nice driver handed me them. I went back into my vehicle, still with dispatch being out of channel. and decided to do my research all alone *said with a cool voice*. 

    After not finding any current warrants on the driver, only a ton of arrests and tickets for speeding and such, I decided to give the driver... A ticket. BUT, due to him being so cooperative i decided to cut him some slack. You see, I clocked him going 24 mph over the limit. That means he was doing 69 in a 45. But due to him being such a nice gentleman to me, I decided i would only ticket him for a 7mph - 15mph ticket. Which would not be ass expensive and him not having such big and hard punishments for a little joyride. Seeing as there was no immediate threat to other civilians on the road and he was acting mature whilst on the road. 

    I stepped back to the driver, handed him his documents and thanked him for his cooperation. I told him I would be giving him a ticket but due to him being cooperative and friendly I would give him a lower punishment. This was the right choice to keep San Andreas, Blaine County crime free. He signed the ticket, he got his copy of the paperwork and I thanked him and spoke a little bit with him about his bike. It was a nice talk. *Long pause* I hope he's doing good. I stepped back into my patrol vehicle and went back 10-8. 
    Also there was a sniper shooting where multiple officers died but I didn't really do too much there so wouldn't be a fun story for you guys. Basically i played towtruck driver for about 10 minutes writing up /me posts calling for County Tow.

    Will write again following another dramatic/Nice/calm/Intense patrol.

    John Johnson


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