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  • Who are we?

    The Department of Justice San Andreas Communications Dispatch Center is the backbone of San Andreas State Emergency and Public Service sector. In most cases, the dispatcher is the first and last line of contact, whether it starts with a 911 call, or a LEO/Fire initiated call. A dispatcher must remember and look for important details in every encounter they run across. This ensures accuracy and safety. Dispatchers are not only responsible for 911 calls, but also for coordinating [non]emergency radio and teletype communications traffic for Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire/Rescue, Tow Services and special operations for the State of San Andreas. Dispatchers monitor radio traffic, perform records tasks and utilize the Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD). Most of the time, the dispatcher is required to perform all these tasks simultaneously. For everything that is accomplished by the Communications Dispatchers, the highest priorities are the safety of the public and our emergency personnel.

  • Mission Statement:
    The San Andreas Communication Department's mission statement is to provide the very best level of service to the citizens of San Andreas by answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner and dispatching the appropriate emergency services. We help save lives, protect property, and assist citizens in their time of need. 

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  • Bureau of Intelligence

    The Bureau of Intelligence (BOI) was created in August 2018 to help the citizens of San Andreas better understand emerging trends of illegal activity and fire/medical emergencies. Every month, BOI Analysts go above and beyond to collect, analyse, and report on valuable data to promote transparency between the public and first responders, ensuring the safety and general welfare of everyone.

  • Sit-Along Program

    The Sit-Along Program's mission is to provide members of the DoJRP Communications Department with an extended 3-part dispatch training course to enhance the capabilities of the community’s dispatchers prior to their Base Operator evaluation and provide training and assistance to dispatch explorers and show them “a day in the life of a dispatcher”. Our volunteers strive to contribute professional, accurate, and prompt training assistance to all Trainees

  • Our Vision:
    To protect the citizens of San Andreas, as well as coordinate with our fellow Police Officers, Troopers, Deputies and Firefighters to aid the public with the speed and reliability necessary to uphold law and order in the state.


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  • Business Dispatch Operations

    The goal of Business Dispatch Operations is to provide comprehensive communication services to the various businesses within the state of San Andreas. We provide extensive training to our dispatchers in order to properly prepare them for the diverse world of business dispatching.

  • Events Action Team

    The purpose of Events Action Team is to provide a social event for all members of the Department of Justice Role Play (DOJ) to enjoy. Events can range from game nights to night club parties. Members of this operation will assist in the planning, marketing, and production of such events.


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  • Average October Communications Stats:
    1,031 Hours Dispatched        388 911 Calls
    1,837 LEO Calls        1,262 Fire Calls

  • June Operators of the Month:

    Tristin H. C-610

    Nicky C. Z-825

  • Rank Structure

    Administration Staff

    Dispatch Director - Dan A.

    Dispatch Deputy Director - Greg G.

    Director of Operations - Luke H.

    Operations Commander - Eddie H.

    Operations Supervisor - Vacante W.



    Senior Staff

    Dispatch Manager - Christian S.

    Dispatch Manager - Aaron W.

    Dispatch Manager - Yash G.

    Dispatch Supervisor - James B.



    Staff Members

    Lead Senior Operator

    Senior Operator IV

    Senior Operator III


    Staff in Training

    Senior Operator II

    Senior Operator I



    Operator IV

    Operator III

    Operator II

    Operator I

    Dispatch Cadet

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