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  • Our Mission

    It is the mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol & Department of Public Safety to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of San Andreas. This is accomplished through our five departmental goals:

    ~ Prevent loss of life, injuries, and property damage
    ~ Maximize service to the public and assistance to allied agencies
    ~ Manage traffic and emergency situations
    ~ Protect public and state assets
    ~ Improve departmental efficiency

  • Our Vision

    To be a trusted leader in law enforcement ensuring San Andreas is the safest place to live and travel.

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  • Specialized Bureaus

    In the San Andreas Highway Patrol & Department of Public Safety, we specialize in the following Bureaus which encompass a variety of divisions within. These duties encompass such that of specialized traffic enforcement to canine handling. The following Bureaus are led by the following below:

    Bureau of Air & Coastal Operations (BACO) - Ronnie E.
    Bureau of Special Operations (BSO) - Joe W., Liam R., & Stefan M.
    Bureau of Transportation & Enforcement (BTE) - Mike A. & Peter S.
    Bureau of Public Relations (BPR) - Emily T.

  • Upcoming Events

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