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    ---- FROM THE OFFICE OF THE TEAM 1 COORDINATOR ---- Team 1, Events Action Team, Department of Justice RolePlay Community, Hello Everyone! The Events Action Team is going to be hosting a Thanksgiving Themed Triathlon on November 9th at 1730 ET (4:30 PM CT). *(Time moved back 30 minutes to allow members to attend the Fire Department meeting at 1700.)* This event is open to all members (up to RSVP limit), please RSVP to confirm attendance and save your slot. Triathlon Details: The racers will start off the course with ATVs at the Lumber Mill entrance, 051, race up the path of Pine Tree road and turn off onto 149 Mt Chiliad trail. Then, the racers will go up to postal 144, hop off the ATV's and run-up to the ski lift building where there is a bridge to the right of the building where they will jump off and parachute off to postal 011. There we will have cycles for them to ride heading back west to the Lumber Mill and taking pine tree road to Calafia. On Califia, the racers will ride till Joshua RD and then turn left towards Sandy Shores. Then, the racers will turn to Algonquin, Marina, and Alhambra ending at SSPD. (Race map) Uniforms: Costumes will be allowed during the race, but they must be approved by E.A.T. staff before the race begins (once you get in-game.) But, for safety reasons, during the Parachuting Section all participants are required to change into the approved uniform. You will be shown this uniform in-game. Staffing Required: We require 3 LSFD Medical/Fire Units in case of injury during the race. As well, 2 LEO Units (Any Dept w/ ATVs) are also requested to assist with leading the race and site security. Lastly, Weasel News and 24/7 LTD are requested for news coverage and refreshments respectfully. Please leave a comment if you will assist in a staff role. Do NOT RSVP. PLEASE CHECK STAFF ROSTER BEFORE COMMENTING. If the roster is full, all required resources are already committed. You are still welcome to attend as a racer. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me (K-D B.) or the host, Dean A. 5D-412. By Attending This Event, You Agree to Abide by the DOJ R & R as well as these event specific rules.

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