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Applications will open soon!

Applications are open!

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    The San Andreas Communications Department is the backbone of the State Emergency and Public Service sector. Dispatchers are the first and last line of contact, whether it starts with a 911, LEO, or Fire/EMS-initiated call. Dispatchers are responsible for answering 911 calls, coordinating radio and teletype communication, performing record checks, and utilizing the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system for Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Tow Services, and special operations for the State of San Andreas. Dispatchers pay close attention to detail and often perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For everything accomplished by the Communications Dispatchers, the highest priorities are the safety of the public and our emergency personnel.


  • Bureau of Intelligence
    The Bureau of Intelligence (BOI) was created in August 2018 to help the citizens of San Andreas better understand emerging trends of illegal activity and fire/medical emergencies. Every month, BOI Analysts go above and beyond to collect, analyze, and report on valuable data to promote transparency between the public and first responders, ensuring the safety and general welfare of everyone.

  • Events Action Team
    The Events Action Team (EAT) is a dedicated group of Department of Justice Roleplay (DoJRP) members who strive to create various social events and competitions for the community to enjoy. These events are designed for everyone to be able to attend, where EAT takes leadership in the events planning, marketing, and production.

  • Sit Along Program
    The Sit Along Program's (SAP) aim is to provide Dispatchers with an extended 2-part training course to enhance their capabilities before their Base Operator evaluation. Additionally, they provide training and assistance to dispatch explorers and show them “a day in the life of a dispatcher”. Our volunteers strive to contribute professional, accurate, and prompt training assistance to all Trainees.


    Please take a moment to view the Communications Promotional Video. Interested in joining? Apply today!

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    March 2023
    Recruit (1st-14th) - OPEN
    Reserve (1st-7th) - OPEN
    Transfer (1st-7th) - OPEN

    Apply Here


    Department Activity
    550 Total Hours

    Top 3 Operators (Activity)
    Jeremy P C-304 | 96:41
    Aaron B. C-307 | 54:17
    Ed B. C-505 | 33:55


    Operators of the Month
    Jeremy P C-304
    Greg G C-801


    Dispatch Director | Dan A.
    Dispatch Deputy Director | Eddie H.
    Director of Operations | Luke H.
    Operations Commander | Aaron W.
    Operations Supervisor | Yash G.

    Senior Staff
    Dispatch Manager | Christian S.
    Dispatch Supervisor | James B.
    Dispatch Supervisor | Mazen E.


    Lead Senior Operator
    Senior Operator IV
    Senior Operator III


    Staff in Training
    Senior Operator II
    Senior Operator I


    Operator IV
    Operator III
    Operator II
    Operator I
    Dispatch Cadet


    Senior Reserve Dispatcher
    Reserve Dispatcher

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